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Make the Most of Your EmailMarker Experience !

In today’s world of fast-paced communication, online correspondence, cyber campaigning, product-to-client digital marketing etc., where email is the instrument of choice by most, it’s very easy to get confused and fail to wrap your mind around the thousands of latest gimmicks, apps and technologies, all claiming to boost your deliverability percentages, reduce your bounce rates and improve your sender reputation.

One of the hottest topics these days and an everyday conversation around the office water cooler is how to reach all of your current and potential clients, making sure that your intended message actually reaches the people you need to know about it instead of ending up in their infamous spam folder ?

The internet services, with all their benefits, can be the end of your business if you don’t understand how you can sidetrack or overcome the many setbacks which they can create. And, not surprisingly at all, they are merely trying to adapt to a human error familiar to anyone who has ever dealt with email address list acquisition, management and client engagement – inaccurate, fake or invalid email addresses.

The biggest challenge faced by marketers today is maintaining healthy relations with Internet and Email Service Providers in order to avoid the dreaded “spammer” tag and maintain high deliverability rates. This is an issue that even the best of us face on a daily basis; however, luckily, it can be avoided, even helped in case of an unfortunate occurrence.

The cure comes with an email validation and verification service package which has become not only our job but our mission here at EmailMarker. Helping you avoid high complaint rates and falling victim to spam traps while maintaining and improving your sender reputation and deliverability rates is our main goal to which we are dedicated 24/7 for your convenience.

One recently conducted survey actually revealed some worrying statistics for the email marketing sector: 10% of all your emails are bad and only 44% are actually delivered. This seems hard to believe but it is as it sounds – bad.

Data effectiveness, increased deliverability, improved marketing campaigning, and accurate email validation is just some of the benefits that you can enjoy by choosing our team of experts at EmailMarker. Filtering low-quality emails from high-value contacts sound simple enough and yet, it is the key to your business success. We have devised our own online email verification process involving several in-depth validation stages which include RFC syntax inspection, SMTP testing of user account existence validation; spam trap detecting while at the same time maintaining customer privacy and confidentiality.

Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of your EmailMarker experience and get your money’s worth from your subscription!

What Are Spam Traps and How to Avoid Them with EmailMarker ?

In the simplest terms, spam traps are exactly that – traps set for luring in potential spammers by Internet Service Providers with the sole intent of discovering and blocking emails from them in order to reduce the fraudulent occurrences in the cyberspace. The only problem is, what if you get “trapped” in one of them and how to avoid them in the first place?

Because spam traps look and sound like real email addresses there is no way for you to detect them on your own. And one of a handful of ways for them to appear in your email list in the first place is if you are not maintaining a “healthy” list of emails.

There are several types of spam traps the most common of which is an invalid email address. The reasons for ending up with invalid addresses are endless, but most often they are given to you by real people unintentionally. Many subscribers provide you with their email address without noticing there is a typo in it while some subscribers provide a fake email address only because they don’t want to be emailed repeatedly after their subscription. Whatever the case, the result is that you end up with a bunch of spam traps risking hitting any one of them and ending up serving a sentence in everyone’s spam folder with a weakened sender reputation, increased bounce rates and, worst case scenario, on the cyber blacklists.

EmailMarker Has the Solution for You…

Fear no more; this is where EmailMarker’s email verification and validation service comes in. EmailMarker has been the partner of choice of so many, from private individuals to large corporations, maintaining the hygiene of their email address lists sweeping away the fake, invalid, or inaccurate email addresses and preserving only those which are safe-to-send, real and deliverable. In order to achieve this, we have devised a stage-by-stage process to make sure that our results are most accurate and precise and so far achieving 97% accuracy rate.

Our 5 Stage In-depth Verification Process:
  • EmailMarker’s Accurate Syntax Engine

We created our Accurate Syntax Engine up to the latest standards of performance. Its only task is to detect low-quality emails and invalid email formats, remove them from your list and let only the good ones to pass through.

  • EmailMarker’s Email Deduplication

Very often you might end up with duplicate records of one and the same individual or company for various reasons thus decreasing the quality of your data. Our Email Deduplication system identifies and merges duplicate records and by doing so it ensures significant data quality improvement saving you time and energy by reducing the number of repeating items on your email lists.

  • EmailMarker’s Quality Domain Database

Email inaccuracy is one of the most common problems which cause your emails to bounce decreasing your sender reputation. Our Quality Domain Database guarantees the accuracy of the data of every email domain ensuring delivery and decreasing bounce rates.

  • EmailMarker’s Domain Validation

Invalid, fake and inactive email addresses are some of the most common issues that email marketers face. Our Domain Validation deals with this problem directly by removing all of these useless and potentially harmful addresses before they become spam traps.

  • EmailMarker’s Active Mail Check

And finally, Active Mail Check verifies the deliverability of a mailbox by checking whether mail will bounce or deliver.


EmailMarker’s Simple Pricing Structure Designed for You

One of the features which undoubtedly separates us from the rest of the email verification services out there is definitely our very simple pricing structure which we have devised to work in your favor to help you make the most of EmailMarker while at the same time making sure not to damage your profit projections along the way.

Here at EmailMarker, we believe in working for and along our clients and that’s why we offer you 150 email verifications for free and start our packages at just $3 for 1.000 email verifications! Depending on the number of verifications you need to be done we calculate a fixed price without any hidden additional charges giving you both a peace of mind and a job well done! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more than 2M email verifications: our team is always available to create an individualized discounted plan to accommodate your needs.

We at EmailMarker Believe That…

Our clients’ satisfaction is our greatest asset and that’s why quality, accuracy, speed, and availability are our top priorities. We are continually on the lookout for new and improved solutions making your EmailMarker experience even better. Our support teams are available to you 24/7 and are just one email, online chat or phone call away from accommodating any of your questions or problems.

Let’s create a spam-free and bounce-proof experience together !