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Email bounce and email bounce rate What is it and how to improve it?

The combination of marketing and technology has resulted in a revolutionary tool called email marketing. It’s fast and easy to use. You are just a few clicks away from promoting your business or product to potential buyers using this tool.

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to get in touch with customers, offer them a product and build reputation. But, unfortunately, it has its own downsides as every other tool does. Sometimes it might seem like email marketing just doesn’t work for you. The emails are returned to your mailbox, while the response from the potential clients is very low. It’s nothing to worry about, as it something that happens often. In this article, we are about to explain several reasons that might be a potential cause of these problems.


What is Email Bounce and Email Bounce Rate?

As much as the essence of email marketing is easy and simple, there are still some certain rules that need to be followed. Of course, for email marketing to be effective, the email first needs to reach the recipient’s mailbox. But, what happens when the mail does not arrive at the desired address?

Can several invalid emails cause a bad outcome for your business?

Yes, they can. That’s what we call an email bounce. It’s the moment when the sent email does not arrive at the address you wrote to. And the percentage of sent emails that have not arrived at the specified email address is called bounce rate.

The reasons why your e-mails do not arrive can be caused by a number of reasons like inactive users, email addresses that contain errors or fake email addresses. This is important because internet service providers can block you from constantly sending emails to false email addresses, which you do not want.

It works quite simply. Let’s say you have an email list of the 3,000 emails that are mostly inactive. Only a hundred of those emails are real and belong to active users. The emails that haven’t reached the recipient mailbox are bounced emails. What happens next is that in order to protect their users, the providers will not send emails even to those 100 active users the next time you try to re-start the email campaign because they have noticed a significant bounce last time you attempted your email marketing.


Types of Email Bounces

Depending on the reasons behind them, the email bounces are divided into 2 types. Soft bounces and hard bounces.

Soft bounce may occur for various reasons, such as when the receiver’s mailbox is full, the message is too large, or the recipient’s email server is offline. On the other hand, hard bounces appear due to permanent errors such as an invalid email address, when an email domain is not real or the email address doesn’t exist.

EmailMarker is a service that is your companion in creating effective and well-organized email marketing. Our service offers solutions that can actively deal with the obstacles that may happen during your search for clients. EmailMarker was created to help you and your business grow. Our team works continuously to moderate and find solutions to any problems that may arise during your work.

Our platform offers productive ways to reduce the percentage of e-mails that will bounce which will have a positive impact on your work and business.


How to deal with email bounce?

To prevent a problem, you first need to know what causes it. The problem with the email bounce can be caused by several reasons. The first and most common one happens when you type an invalid email address. A great way to reduce the percentage of bounced emails is just to ask for an updated information in the mail that you are sending.

You can also be blocked from the recipient for reasons such as suspicious content, or if you mail looks like it’s a spam. Try to avoid this if you want to reach your clients successfully.

To avoid the high rate of email bounce it is much better if you try to build your own mailing list. Buying an emailing online list can be just a waste of time and money.

You know that annoying auto response that people often leave when they go on a vacation? Well, it happens to be one more reason behind email bounce as well.  So, be careful if this happens too often. You may want to remove that email address from your list if months go by and you still get no response from the person you contacted. If your email list is old and full of subscribers that are not active for a long time, maybe it’s time to consider data cleansing. It will result in a much lower email bounce rate.

Clearing the email list is one suggestion that can bring you closer to your clients. Keep in mind that this is essential for email marketing, so a clean email list with validated and correct addresses is what will help you in the further development of it, while also bringing you closer not just to your clients, but also potential clients and their needs.

From skillfully detecting invalid email addresses, email deduplication, removing spam traps, domain validation, to verifying whether an email will bounce or will be delivered into a mailbox, EmailMarker promises a low bounce rate and happy customers.


Email verification and building your reputation

Reputation is something that is acquired, built, and kept in the course of the functioning of one business. Marketers are in a constant process of building their image and trust among customers. The Internet sets up various barriers that emerge using email marketing.

Email verification is a great opportunity that with the help of our services can protect your reputation and make your marketing competent and economical.

It’s simple. This is just a way to check if an email address is valid. It’s also another method to avoid spam traps, prevent fake account signups etc. Email verification helps identify invalid email addresses, determine whether the mail will arrive at the recipient, and how old the email address actually is. In most cases, older emails are rarely active.

EmailMarker is a service that brings together all the necessary parts that will enable you to easily contact your customers and will help you comfortably develop your email marketing.

So make sure that your mail doesn’t look like spam, keep it simple and official. It may seem obvious but spam filters are constantly changing, so you have to keep your template up to date if you don’t want your mail to end up in the spam folder. Keep in mind that email marketing is a way of making and building a relationship with customers. You need to reach your audience and keep their attention. It’s the only way to succeed. EmailMarker will be right by your side in every step you take while building your email marketing and reaching to your potential clients. Choosing us means choosing a worthy and hard-working partner that will guide you by also sharing all the experience and knowledge.