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Improve your Marketing Campaign using EmailMarker

In today’s day and age, the digital experience has taken all of us by storm. It is impossible to escape it and why should you in the first place. Digitalization has become the go-to model for so many businesses and exactly because of it, they have managed to thrive in today’s world which belongs to the millennials.

Many companies today are finding themselves at a crossroad. They are facing a problem which all of us have at some point: how to handle the pressures of reaching out to this new kind of potential customers used to instant information, how to create a format of a message that is certain to get across and end up read, and most importantly what to do to retain the customers and users they already have and, at the same time, keep them engaged with all the latest news and updates.

The obvious solution for most of the digital marketers is to create digital and mobile channels between the company and the customers and devise a solid marketing strategy in order to make certain that their marketing campaign will grab the customers’ interest.

And If there is one thing that all of the marketers must know is that if you want your message to get across you have to digitalize it and send it via email. It sounds really simple. You acquire a solid email address contact list, increase it with every new subscription, send out digitalized mini-marketing campaigns on a regular basis and engage your customers with your product as often as possible.

This is a really nice plan. The only problem is that, regardless of how amazing the internet and email communication are, they come with a load of obstacles that every marketer needs to overcome on a daily basis.


The Challenges of Email Marketing and How to Overcome Them with EmailMarker

Email marketing has become a critical marketing tool and one of the best channels for keeping the conversation open to both your users and customers. However, you must be aware of the setbacks which can come along the way so that you can be prepared to overcome them or, even better, avoid them altogether.


The Problem of Acquiring the Right Email Contacts

 What we mean by acquiring right email contacts is procuring email address contacts which are sure to get your message and read it. It sounds simple enough: you have a list of email addresses, you send your message, and they get it. However, in reality, there is just no way for you to know which the right email contacts are.

Your list of email addresses can be hiding emails which are disposable, invalid, spam traps, or even fake, and they will all look real making it impossible for you to differentiate between these and the valid ones. Disposable email addresses are addresses which many people create for just a limited period of time and usually to register on a site and never receive any bothersome emails in the future. Invalid ones are those which contain some error in them and are completely undeliverable. We have covered spam traps in many of our previous articles and, in the simplest of terms, they are email addresses designed by email service providers to lure in spammers which illegitimately obtain email addresses and send out unrequested content to them. And fake email addresses are email addresses which are non-existent and provided when a site requests an email and does not contain a verifier to check the legitimacy of the email address of the customer.

These are just some of the numerous examples of email addresses which will result in an undelivered email should you send one to them. But, the problem is not the undelivered email. The real issue is the consequences which you will suffer as a sender.

Every time you send an email which ends up undelivered it means that the email has bounced due to the nature of the recipient email. The email service providers immediately notice this error and respond by increasing your bounce rate and decreasing your sender reputation. This will inevitably result in lower deliverability rate in the future harming the success of your digital campaign long term.


How to Avoid This Using EmailMarker

We at EmailMarker actively work on helping you create the best marketing campaign by making sure that your email address lists are “clean” and deliverable. EmailMarker is your partner on the journey to success.

We operate with one main goal in mind and that is to help you avoid falling victim to the many traps that invalid email addresses set, to increase your sender reputation by removing all of the risky email addresses from your lists, and consequently, increase the deliverability rates of your account.

This is our foolproof formula that has earned the trust of all of our clients and resulted in a 97% accuracy rate so far.

EmailMarker filters low-quality emails from high-value contacts which results in improving your digital marketing campaigning and increasing your sender reputation. The more verified and deliverable email addresses you have on your list the higher are your chances of sending the emails to the right contacts and engaging your customers directly and easily.

Putting your trust into the hands of EmailMarker’s team of experts will be the best thing that you will do for your marketing campaign. Our in-depth 5 stage email verification process makes sure that all the fake, invalid, or inaccurate are permanently removed from your email address list. We separate these undeliverable emails from those which are safe to send, real and deliverable providing you with the easiest experience of creating a successful digital marketing campaign.


Choosing EmailMarker as Your Partner in Business means…

Choosing a trusted partner like our team of experts means not only getting a trusted service but also speed, efficiency and accuracy in data analysis and email address list verification.

Our mission is to work not only for our clients but alongside them treating their business and marketing campaigns as our own. Our clients’ satisfaction always comes first and that is why we are continually seeking new ways of improving your EmailMarker experience.

Navigating the tricky slopes of digital marketing is never easy, however, it can be simplified with the right help on hand. Avoiding the setbacks and obstacles which our teams of experts can predict and immediately sidestep, puts you in the winning position compared to your competitors and sets your marketing campaign soaring forward directly reaching your current and potential customers. Do not waste precious time and let us seize the future of success together.