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Spam folder is your enemy. Get rid of it!

We can all agree that receiving spam mail is quite annoying, but many times even our important emails ended up in someone’s junk folder. So how to differentiate what is spam and what isn’t?

Spam folder is just one of the mailboxes in which we know that the unwanted email arrives. But what is spam and where does it come from? Email marketing is a very effective and easy way to inform customers about a particular product or business. Often commercial emails arrive in the form of a spam email that can be very annoying. An email can be called spam if it contains several elements such as an email that you have not requested, email sent by an unknown sender, or an email sent to a massive number of people. Even if you do not intend to send a spam email, sometimes the email can be filtered out in the spam mailbox.

These unsolicited emails can cause serious damage if you are a business owner or you are trying to do email marketing. This means a waste of productivity, time and money. It may also cause loss of contact with your customers and an increased email bounce rate.

Very often spammers use interesting headlines or explain the reason they came into contact with the recipient of the message. To unsubscribe users must follow the steps given by the spammer.


How to recognize a spam mail?

Spam messages can be in different forms and with different content, from programs for losing weight to financial advisory courses, online degrees and so on.

One of the most dangerous spam emails are phishing scams. Phishing is a so-called method by which criminals try to get personal and financial data from people. These are very hard to notice because they are designed to look similar to big corporations and financial giants.  Job offers for which you have not applied, money and similar messages are typical spam email that you should look out for. Spam emails are often a virus that can cause unwanted consequences on your computer and send the same email to everyone on your contact list. Emails that put you at risk are often in the form of links, attached documents, etc. Responding to spam mailboxes and logging links that are sent to you by email are additional behaviors that expose you to the risk of spam email.

The solution for such emails seems simple. Do not click on suspicious links and do not respond to spam emails. Do not give your personal information to emails that seem to endanger your financial situation.


Ways to get rid of spam mail

Such email is often packed with tempting titles and programs in order to deceive those to whom it is sent.There are several ways to prevent the arrival of these emails.

When you recognize spam email in your inbox report it as spam before you delete the message. Various Internet service providers offer various options for reporting spam messages. We have already said that responding to spam emails  is wrong and risky. But these do not necessarily mean that they will always be from a giant company or an unknown sender. Spam emails may seem as if they were sent by your friends as well.

Do not post your email address on different web pages if you do not have to. This is important because the more people have your email address, the more spam you will receive in your inbox. One of the ways to deal with this is to create disposable email address.

Disposable email address replaces your real email address. Each disposable email address is associated with a specific website or service to which you want to log in. Many of these email addresses still send the spam emails to your real email address, but then it’s very easy to detect the spam source.

A more drastic option is to make a completely new email address in addition to save yourself from the spam emails. If in the past you made that mistake and responded to a spam email and you are now constantly bombarded by spam emails, perhaps making a completely new email is a good option.

Third-party spam- filters are a good option just for a double protection. So if you think that the filter that you already use through the email provider is not enough, this is a great option to protect yourself from spam emails.

It is important to have basic knowledge about the spam email and of all the negative consequences. They may look like something harmless, but with little distraction they can cause you serious damage.


What is not spam and how do filters detect spam?

But let’s see it from a different perspective. What if you are the one sending the mail, and it’s not spam but somehow it ended up there anyways?

When we already know what is spam, we need to know what is not spam as well. Newsletters you have subscribed to, the email you requested yourself do not belong to the spam email group. Maybe at some point you will ask yourself why does the spam email even exists? How does a certain mail arrive in the spam mailbox? Some people actually buy the stuff that are offered in spam email and email selling is cheap and fast.

Many people use email marketing trying to reach their customers and potential customers, not knowing that there are certain rules to be followed, otherwise it’s a waste of time and effort.

Email providers contain special filters that study the content of the email, how often it is sent, and the sending reputation. For those who build their reputation through email marketing it is best not to buy emails lists online but to build their own carefully.

Another tip you need to apply if you want your emails not to be detected as spam is to make them as personalized as possible and that is if your intentions are honest and you are not really a spammer.



Spam messages are often annoying and frustrating. This is a common problem for those who use email as their main tool for communication or marketing.

Our team it’s here to give you all the necessary information about this online tool. EmailMarker is a platform that takes care of you and offers you everything you need to prevent the bad outcome of spam messages. Your email campaign can be successful using all the information previously mentioned. So don’t hesitate to ask for help. Master the email marketing business and reach your clients without any difficulties. With us you can overcome all the obstacles and leave all the problems, such as your virtual enemy – the spam folder, in the past.